Leonardo: I've got a lot of work but I'm not tired of football

Cambodia coach and coach U22 Cambodia coach Leonardo Vitorino expresses his heartfelt gratitude that he is not tired No, no, he has a lot of national coaches.

Leonardo Vitorino
The Brazilian has been coaching the Cambodian national team, the senior team, the coach of U22 Cambodia and the coach. Cambodia All Star, but he is not tired because it is passionate about football and wants to help Cambodia. His heart came to Cambodia in a long-term, special way, especially in resource mobilization for the year 2023 which Cambodia owns The home of the SEA Games.

He added that despite having to do a lot of work, he was happy and did not get bored with the job The coach. The U22 team flew to Myanmar at 11:30 noon.

Activities of U22 Cambodia travel to Myanmar:

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