The best thing for mothers and women with scar tissue

The crocodile kernel is a plant that is rich in benefits for your skin and your health, and it is also used as a medicine. For the treatment of ulcers and anti-inflammation. It contains a lot of water, which is known for its nutrients. This nutrient can help your skin and skin keep your skin healthy.

Also, it is also the greatest ingredient to get rid of wrinkles, to help moisturize your skin and eliminate it. There are also some scars. Because it contains enzymes, minerals, vitamins and other fatty acids, which can help to promote its effectiveness faster. .


Flip the reference to the crocodile
Eight grains of vitamin E
Five tablets of vitamin A

First you have to split the crocodile tail into two and then scrub your meat into a bowl.
Add the two vitamins by inserting an outer enclosure to extract the vitamins.
Combine these three ingredients together well.
Please paste it into a lattice with good cover.
If you do not have fresh crocodile tail fins, you can use an alternate crocodile kerosene.
For using fresh crocodile fat, you should take it to the refrigerator.

Use this gel, apply it and massage your skin for a few minutes, save for about 1 hour and wash it with warm water. You can also store it overnight if you feel no itchy or nothing happens to you.

Apply this method every night, or two or three times a week for those who are less likely, for first use. Make you have a few rashes, itching, but it will disappear in a short time.

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