Do not overlook how to make money from YouTube need to know these 4 points

Currently, online ways to make money online are available through YouTube, Facebook, Instant Article, Blogger, or a website that earns counts. $ 100 per month. Today, Sabay will give you 4 tips for those who want to start earning money on YouTube, just as much as a professional, even if there are games. Extremely competitive.

1. Create a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is not too difficult for all of you because you have a smartphone and have a Google or Gmail account. Already able to upload short video clips themselves, regardless of video quality, size, or video length.

After creating a channel, you need to try to find the video as soon as possible. For a video clip you want to upload, take it to some panels to be more attractive if there is no program to cut your video. Should choose software like iMovie on an iPhone or Adobe Premiere on a computer.

Next step, you need to know how to put your video ad in order to make money or tech to make sure you watch the video You've often been careful not to download existing videos, copyrighted as music, and so on. If YouTube is captured, Channel You will Must be canceled.

2 Select a video recording device

This is where you first need to know that there is no need for large DSLR cameras, just a smartphone camera you can Video recording can earn money. If you're just starting out, just shoot small videos and upload them.

But the thing that's important for your video to be attractive, you should have a camera that has a good video recording quality. Or a DSLR camera capable of recording up to FullHD or up to 4K video with a tripod, Capture no vibration.

Also, if you like to take a lot of external video, you should have a GoPro camera for capturing entertainment activities. That's what keeps tabs on YouTube.

3 Select a recording device

You wonder why you are shooting videos of famous YouTube videos? This is because they have a voice recorder that helps to make it sound better, listen, and play video Attracting another level.

This is the point where you begin to learn to improve your video to become more attractive.

4 Become a fan or regular visitor

You need to have knowledge of videos you have taken to show visitors, like video games, how to play games, download games, playback locations, Or lesson plans, etc. Make sure to be specific, not too fast, not too slow, too short, and to say Fair.

In addition, your video must be a clear video in a channel that makes it easy for you to track the story or As a result, this should not be a jumper of all kinds of videos in a single channel, it loses the number of followers.

These are just general knowledge for those who want to start earning money on YouTube. The team hopes that people who are gaining money and experiencing Many sections can be shared below.
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