Samsung Galaxy Note 8 previews revealed

Just a few hours ago, Samsung's Exynos account released a picture of the Exynos 9 chip. One interesting thing about this tablet is the presence of a smartphone that is believed to be a Galaxy. Note 8.

Although Samsung did not specify the model of the smartphone, it is true, but it is based on direct visualization. Seeing that the top edge of the screen is a bit different from the Galaxy S8 and is much shorter than the S8 screen, so it's clear that It's not the appearance of the Galaxy S8 / S8 +. Instead, it is believed to be the Galaxy Note 8 because it looks like the leaked image has been leaked.

The latest rumors suggest that the Galaxy Note 8 will be available on August 23, as it is reasonable. That's where Samsung shuts off some of the top smartphones in order to keep up with the audience.
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