Top 10 technology products and services in China

China is home to a number of top technology products and services. There are four popular cities including Beijing with Google's Baidu Technology Center, China's Guangzhou, most of them have All the factories, ranging from small-to-high technology devices, have Tencent offices there, which is the maker of WeChat and QQ, Hangzhou city, a collection of CNY E-commerce companies, including Alibaba and NetEase and Shanghai, the area of ​​international trade more than technology companies.

+ Top 10 Chinese products and services:

1. WeChat (Social Networking Apps):

It is a company owned by Tencent, and now has 800 million subscribers, it's the most popular social network in the country. Use to communicate with friends in text, voice and picture.

2. Baidu (Search app):

Baidu can be called Google's Google, which also has a similar Baidu Maps app to Google Maps. In the past, the giants also announced the launch of the Duer OS, which is similar to Alexa's American Alexa.

3. Alibaba (Trading Company):

Alibaba is a trading company that creates international merchandise marketing programs, whether Taobao or Tmall is under its control. It is similar to eBay, Amazon, but does not sell as a bid type. Alibaba occupy about 80 percent of China's commercial economy.

4. Alipay & WeChat Pay (Merchant Payment Service):

Alipay is Alibaba's service, and WeChat Pay is owned by Tencent, all of which are big and small. Many people in Shanghai and Beijing often use these services, with fewer pockets out of the pocket. Buying a different item.

5. Weibo (social network):

Weibo is a Twitter hybrid social network. Its revenue has grown by about 40% in the past year, especially in both consumer and market Weibo has overtaken Twitter.

6. Momo (wedding party):

Momo, the first dating party in China, is no different from Tinder, a way to find love online. Very popular local.

7. Meitu (Picture Cutter):

About 50% of selfie images are released using Meitu software. Used to help beautify your beauty, smoothing on the face and expanding eyesight. Previously, the company's value was $ 5.2 billion.

8. YouKu (Video Watching Videos):

YouKu is China's YouTube, in 2015, Alibaba bought for about $ 4.8 billion for system competition Internet with Tencent and Baidu. Under Jack Ma's management, this online video stream has more people visiting the country. Total population in the United States Yes.

9. Didi Chuxing (Passenger Car Company):

The passenger car is currently serving 300 million people in more than 400 cities around China. Serves 6 billion passengers as the company spends one year in 2015 serving up to 1.4 billion Yes.

10. NetEase (Game Company):

NetEase, a Chinese-based company that offers online gaming services similar to Yahoo, although not so well known, The Chinese company is trying to create a product that can boost market share.

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