The novel: read and fever disappears .. !! Heaven's heaven is different from heaven on earth.


Sopheak, first year, is a scholarship student at a prestigious university in Phnom Penh. They were asked to stay with his friend Seiha for learning together. The house of Seiha is large, lively and beautiful, where almost every single young woman comes out alive. The youngest daughter is Sevy's younger sister. Her name is Kanitha, 18, a 12-year-old high school student.

Given the beauty of the urban and urban beauty of the city, the tattoo likes to wear sexy dresses out of the collection. The central hole in the center and the short skirts reveal thighs. For this reason, Sopheak, a rural man who saw such a scene at one time, often used a wet sweat to wet his pants every day.

One day, a religious festival, Seiha, gave her to the pagoda. Sopheak, in the early morning, sprayed water around his house. He was dancing to the soundtrack of the song and somebody slid his shoulders behind. Sopheak Sopheak turns his back on the hose.

"Wow, sorry for the ghost," said Sopheak

"Okay, now I'm wet, I'm fine," quickly responded

Cataracts are dressed in slim and short dresses. When the patrolling dive takes place, so that Sopheak can look at her flesh and form and her cradle shape, and they make a face-to-face look out His eyes are hugging on the chest, with the end of his chest, appearing through his coat. Sopheak looks from top to bottom, with a pale black wrap puffed up in the middle of the two thighs. This view makes them numb, hard-headed, almost speechless.

"I went and changed my clothes," he said, and then walked away.

In the house alone, the tattoo is sitting about "paradise." When she sees Sopheak coming in, she asks, wondering,

"Brother, do you know where heaven is?" No wonder he asked

"Hym ... ...... ... ... ... ... Heaven has two in the sky and one on the ground," Sophie answered, with both hands grabbing.

"How is heaven in heaven, and down to earth?" The question continued

Sopheak continues to answer, "Heaven's heaven is the peace of the heavens, while the paradise on earth is a peaceful place for mankind"

"Where's the paradise on the ground, I do not know?" The little girl continued to ask

"If you want to know until ..." Sopheak sounds a little silly

"Just so I can afford to give up. I can get you there but I promise not to tell anyone Okay ? "

Counseling wonders wondering how to chop the chin and say "ok"

Sopheak told the victim to close her eyes and then grabbed her hand, grabbed her palm and poked her to her boobs.

"What are you doing?" She asked

"Do not speak a little more to the world of asking," said Seth, while his hand slammed into her bra. Sneak peeks. Escade begins to feel excited, make eye contact, and breathe a breath of fresh air ... mutually exclusive.

Sophea's hands removed her shirt and squeezed her bare breast. Sopheak's hands started to bounce back, and their mouths started to blow up the two puffs.

"Go to heaven with you?"

"It's Near and A Little Slow," Sophea responds with both hands and mouth busy

Her fingers rubbed on her cave's small cave, and occasionally she used two fingers to the cave. Let her wake up and shed tears with her fingers. Sopheak's head began to travel with the tongue from her chest to keep up with her thighs.

Sopheak starts to raise her two feet to her neck and takes her tongue to the secret cave. Scandinavia got more comfortable and took both hands to catch Sopheak's head, pushing into her cave mouth and groaning ... Also became louder and louder.

No longer cries, Suthep uses her special weapon to push into her cave, but this cave never has a pioneer. Cleansing the road It also feels like walking through a thorn, sick and very difficult, but for a crisis it really feels The most comfortable is because this is her first time . Through the passage of the cave for more than 15 minutes, finally, white lime comes out with a red chilli Too little. Sopheak hands off the head and said, "We come to heaven and you."
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